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The Museum of Modern Art has a fascinating interactive online exhibit about the murals of Diego Rivera. The site features 8 of his murals and includes a "The Mural In-Depth" feature that guides the viewer to important aspects of each mural. It also features a chronology of Rivera's life and work and information about his materials and techniques, including videos of Rivera at work.

Drexel University Libraries subscribes to American Song, from Alexander Street Press. This collection includes "212 albums (4,467 tracks) from Archeophone Records, Appleseed Records, Mark Custom, Rebel, Sun, and Tompkins Square Records. Content includes new releases of bluegrass, boogie-woogie, country, traditional gospel, marching band music, and more". Recent additions include:

  • Fly Down Little Bird (Pete and Peggy Seeger)
  • Reagan of Illinois: A Symphony to Celebrate the Centennial of President Ronald Reagan's Birth
  • Let the Light Shine Down: A Gospel Tribute to Bill Monroe
  • Out on the Open West (Frank Fairfield)
  • Let's Make a Better World! Live in Leipzig (James Booker)



Drexel University Libraries subscribes to Dance in Video, from Alexander Street Press. This collection contains over 600 hours of dance productions and documentaries. The collection continues to grow. The most recent additions include:

  • Concerto, from Three Ballets by Kenneth Macmillan, The Royal Ballet
  • Elite Syncopations, from Three Ballets by Kenneth Macmillan, The Royal Ballet
  • The Judas Tree, from Three Ballets by Kenneth Macmillan, Carlos Acosta, Leanne Benjamin, Edward Watson, Bennet Gartside, The Royal Ballet
  • Dance Excerpts, from The Spirit of Dance: Irish Step Dancing, Norah Dale Allen, Maureen Haley, Maureen Britell, Erin Connolly
  • Irish Step Dancing (Interview), Norah Dale Allen, Maureen Haley, Maureen Britell, Erin Connolly
  • Dance On with Billie Mahoney: Marcia McFee, (Interview)
  • Dance On with Billie Mahoney: Charles 'Honi' Coles (Interview)
  • Gil Roman and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne: Of Heart and Courage (Documentary)
  • Samba on Your Feet (Documentary)
  • Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, Simon Jeffes, David Bintley, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  • The Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Documentary with Simon Jeffes



Drexel University Libraries is running a trial of the Adam Matthew Education database until April 30th. You can access the trial at You need to select the "Login" option from the "Trial our collections" box on the righthand side. You'll be prompted to select which collection you are interested in. There is no username or password, you just need to select the Access via IP box.

Adam Matthew Education is a multi-disciplinary resources. Some of the collections of interest to Westphal faculty include: Rock and Roll, Counterculture, Peace & Protest and Victorian Popular Culture.

The Rock and Roll collection covers: "Music, Politics, Fashion, Youth Culture - the period from 1950 to 1975."

The Victorian Popular Culture collection includes a section on music halls, theater and popular entertainment. It includes handbills, playbills and pamphlets which also may be of interest to Graphic Design students and faculty.

Both collections have era-specific photographs which may appeal to photography students and faculty.

Please let me know your opinions about these collections.


If you conduct any research in sustainable building materials and practices, you may be aware that Drexel University Libraries provides access to the Building Green Suite. According to their web page, Building Green is an "independent company committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts, of buildings."

Below is a video provided by Building Green featuring an overview and brief tutorial:

You can find more videos by and about Building Green at their You Tube page.

Ali McCloud, of the Design and Merchandizing program, talking about her Arcadia Boutique and cheeseburgers at uwishunu:

As I have mentioned before, Drexel University Libraries is currently running a trial of extended data sets for Simply Maps. We're looking for feedback, and I thought a specific example could be helpful in demonstrating the usefulness of this tool.

Simply Maps provides numerous sets of variables to choose from. In my example, I am going to look at SimmonsLOCAL. Once I select that, I am presented with various folders, one of which is "Cable/Television/Radio." Within that folder are more specific categories.

You can click on any of these images to make them larger.

For my example, I am going to choose "TV Shows Frequency of Viewing." One of the more powerful aspects of this data set is the ability to get very specific. Once I expand "TV Shows Frequency of Viewing," I can select what type of shows I am interested in. In this case, I am going for "Once a Week Programs." That section will provide a list of individual programs that air once a week.

I'm interested in 60 Minutes. I have several options which include both the number of viewers and the percentage of viewers.

I am going to select the percentage of viewers who watch 60 Minutes four times a month. I can then choose the geographic area I am interested in. I have choices of USA, States, Cities, Counties, Zip Codes and Block Groups, among others.

Once I choose a location, I get a map of the distribution.

Even if I begin at a high level such as city, I can zoom in to see very granular information. In Simply Maps, these specific areas are called Block Groups. Below are the Block Groups near Drexel University.

You can do more than represent the data on a map. Simply Map gives you several options:

  • Compare variables in a Table
  • Rank locations based on a variable
  • Create a demographic analysis
  • View and compare data for a location

For example, here is the same information about 60 Minutes, ranked by zip codes.

We would love to get your feedback about Simply Maps. Please let me know if you would find this type of information useful. You can get to the Simply Maps trial here. You can post a comment, email me at, or call me at 895-2772 to let me know what you think.

The Hollywood Creative Directory without much warning has gone out of business. Drexel University Libraries had electronic access which has been cut off. We still have print versions but there's no word as to the future of this publication and future editions seem unlikely.

We have print versions of:

You can find out more about the demise of the directory from Deadline Hollywood.

We are investigating options for an online replacement.

We have set-up trials to Vogue Archive and Mintel UK Fashion Reports.

The Vogue Archive is a "complete searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution color page images. Every page, advertisement, cover and fold-out has been included, with rich indexing enabling you to find images by garment type, designer and brand names."

In addition to being of particular interest to those in design and merchandizing and fashion design, the archive may also be useful for those researching gender studies, marketing, graphic design, photography, and popular culture.

The Mintel UK Fashion Reports is an add-on to our existing Mintel subscription. If you haven't used Mintel before, you will need to set-up an account at the site. The UK Fashion Reports provides access to lifestyle-oriented market reports. We already subscribe to extensive US-based reports. These additional reports focus on UK markets. Examples of reports include: "Consumer Attitudes Toward Luxury Brands," "Youth Fashion," and "Women's Fashion Lifestyles."

Please contact me if you have any questions about either trial and I would love to hear from you if you would like the libraries to subscribe to either of these.

Art of the Title is a site which focuses on the title sequences of movies both current and classic. It usually provides some analysis of the sequences and often includes interviews with the creators. According to Art of the Title, the site is

"A compendium and leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world. We honor the artists who design excellent title sequences. We discuss and display their work with a desire to foster more of it, via stills and video links, interviews, creator notes, and user comments."

At this time, their most recent title sequence is from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and includes a conversation with director David Fincher, title sequence creative director Tim Miller and type and poster designer Neil Kellerhouse.

Similarly, the Criterion Collection posted a list of the "12 Title Designs We Love."

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