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Rob Sieczkiewicz

Rob Sieczkiewicz
University Archivist
Hours M-F: 8:30 am-5:30 pm
Hagerty Library, Room L40 215-895-1757


Alexis Antracoli

Alexis Antracoli
Records Management Archivist
Hagerty Library, Room L42 215-895-6472


Anita Lai

Anita Lai
Archives Technician
Hagerty Library, Room L42 215-895-


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Japanese art book collection available in the Archives

by Katelyn Wolfrom

Attention, students of Art, Japanese Studies and World History! Drexel's Japanese art book collection now ready for viewing in the Drexel University Archives!

Early in the previous century, the Drexel Institute received the generous gift of a collection of handmade Japanese art books, number over one hundred in total. These books are written entirely in Japanese and feature many full-page illustrations, along with sketches and diagrams of traditional Japanese costuming, ranging from ceremonial garb to battle armor and everyday wear. The focus of these texts appears to be a study of the history of Japanese art, beginning around 300 A.D. and ending with the introduction of Western influence.

These books have just been processed by the Drexel Archives and are now available to be viewed by interested researchers. Interested persons wishing to view the books should contact archivist Rob Sieczkiewicz at 215-895-1757, or via e-mail at

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