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Chiddy Bang: The Pretty Much Amazing Story of Two Drexel Musicians

This essay is the third in the series Drexel students write about Drexel innovations

Chiddy Bang

by Paymon Hadjiesmaeiloo and Islam El Ghazali

A high school education used to be all that you need to get a well paying job, so long as you worked hard and had a certain skill. Nowadays high school educations do not suffice when searching for a good job. In order to get a well paying job and have financial security for yourself and your future family, you need to get a college education. However some people don’t wait for their college careers to end to start working or becoming entrepreneurs. This was the case for Chidera “Chiddy” Anamega and Noah “ Xaphoon Jones” Beresin also known as Chiddy Bang.

Chidera grew up in Newark, New Jersey with his parents.  A first generation American, Chidera learned the values of hard work at a young age from his parents who migrated from Nigeria. They moved here for Chidera, in hope that he would have a better life in America.   School seemed to be straight path; he excelled in his schoolwork and received a scholarship to Northfield Mt. Herman High School.  After high school Chidera and his family moved to Philadelphia and he eventually enrolled into Drexel University in 2008. Drexel was where Chidera and Noah first met. Noah was born and raised in Philadelphia. At a young age his talents in DJ and producing music was evident. When Noah was not at school or at Temple he would be running errands for Philly Studios. He would pick up tips from Jazz legends and occasionally sneak a session in after hours. Noah and Chidera met and became friends for their love of music.

In a 2010 interview, CWG Magazine's LaMorris Brown asked the group how they formed and what their name means. Chiddy explained:

We both were students at Drexel and had some mutual friends. People kept telling me about this kid who made beats in our dorm and trying to get us together. When we eventually met we ended up clicking and made some songs right there. The rest is history. Our name comes from my actual name which is Chidera. People always called me Chiddy for short so we just added the bang.

Chiddy and Noah soon started producing music together, basing their music on artists that they admired such as MGMT, Passion Pit and Mary Poppins. They became well known in what is called the Basement scene at Drexel, performing their music for college parties. After their talent and name spread around the campus they uploaded their music to Myspace, which was ultimately beneficial for them. In 2009 “Pretty Much Amazing” a music blog showcased five of their songs that were on Myspace. Chiddy Bang’s name spread and they started appearing at other colleges. In April of 2009 they made their best performance selling out a show at Swarthmore College.  At the end of 2009 they released their first mixtape called “The Swelly Express”. This mixtape became very popular and sent Chiddy Bang’s name across America.  However the song that really put Chiddy Bang “on the map” is Opposite of Adults, it has been featured on TV shows and even made the top charts in the UK. As of right now they are still growing and their music is becoming more and more popular for their unique sound and rhythm.

The scariest part of growing up and going off to college is the sense of, this is it, and it is time for you to take responsibility for you own life.  For some it takes four years to figure out what their calling is after college, However, Chidera and Noah were fortunate enough to figure it out before their first year was over. As their friends say they went from “Ramen to Rhymin”. They found their calling and took advantage of the opportunities presented to them.  And one of their famous lyrics from “Opposite of Adults” and the name of the studio that first played them, Chiddy Bang is “Pretty Much Amazing.”

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