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Happy Birthday Chuck!!!


Prominent scientists will attend our call on Thursday, Feb 12 at 1pm New York time. Below are the names of our special guests - or those that have agreed to support our group and have their names listed below.

Sign-up here for the free seminar with some of the world's top scientists:

- Dr. George Amato, American Museum of Natural History
- Professor Andrew Baker, Columbia; Director, Coral Research Lab
- Professor Rodolfo Dirzo at Stanford
- Professor John Dowling at Harvard
- Dr. John Durant, MIT Museum
- Professor Marc Hauser at Harvard
- Professor Jonathan Losos at Harvard
- Professor Paul Olsen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
- Professor Hidde Ploegh, Whitehead Institute, MIT
- Professor Peter Raven at Washington University, President Missouri Botanical Garden
- John Rennie, Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American
- Professor Maryellen Ruvolo at Harvard
- Professor Laurie Santos at Yale
- Professor Jonathan Weiner, Columbia (author "Beak of the Finch")

Again, on Thurs, Feb 12 group at 1pm New York time we will come together via free teleconference to hear from the scientists above ...sign-up here for the free seminar:

Sponsored by Citrix - they are donating the phone lines so 1,000 of us can call in at the same time!

Scientific American ( is sponsoring our group and promoting our Facebook group across their site. Please visit these sections on evolution and their Jan issue to read some good articles:

The Evolution of Evolution - Science Talk episode

Darwin's Living Legacy--Evolutionary Theory 150 Years Later
Accompanying slideshow:

The Future of Man--How Will Evolution Change Humans?

Plus, Darwin group members get an exclusive discount on digital subscriptions to Scientific American. Click here: - and type in "Darwin200" in checkout - it drops the price to $24!

ThinkGeek ( is sponsoring our video and photo contests and will be giving $50 gift certificates to winners of both (submit your videos and photos on this page!)

ThinkGeek is also offering a discount to Darwin group members go here:

National Geographic has promoted our group on its Facebook pages and through its Twitter account

Irregular Times ( did a great write-up on our group and has us promoted in their Darwin Day Shop (cool Celebrate Darwin Day tees and such).

Gel Conference in New York City is offering a discount to Darwin group members here:

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