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"Top Seven Predictions for the Future of Research"

My colleague, Uta Grothkopf, ESO Library just shared this blog and I thought I would continue the sharing...what do you all think?   Is this the direction you see?

Jisc (originally: Joint Information Systems Committee) is an organization in the UK that offers leadership and support to UK educational organizations ( Sarah Porter, head of innovation at Jisc, and Torsten Reimer published an blog post entitled

"Top seven predictions for the future of research"

According to the authors, these are:

1. Research will go mobile
Tablet computers and mobile phones are sophisticated enough to collect data during field work and sometimes even to process it, allowing researchers to share findings instantaneously with distributed teams across the globe

2. Lines between professionals, amateurs and the public will blur Researchers and citizen scientists collaborate through "crowd sourcing" (example: Galaxy Zoo)

3. Researchers fully embrace social media Scientists increasingly use social media to share and discover information. Social media will enhance the visibility and reputation of researchers (example: "altmetrics", alternative metrics to journal impact factors based on discussions and mentioning in social media)

4. Data will drive research across many disciplines Data-driven research will become more prominent in many disciplines including for instance the humanities

5. Automate it
Automated parts of the research process can help cope with the ever increasing amount of information, e.g., text mining to identify relevant research publications.

6. Visualize it
Use of visualization and info-graphics will increase

7. Researchers as data managers
With data at the heart of their activities, researchers will have to be more involved in its management and curation



Uta Grothkopf
ESO Library

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