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Tips for Next Week's Career Fair!

With the April 11th Spring Career Fair only a week away, many of you may be feeling a little 'career fair anxiety' about how to make the best impression on your favorite companies. No need to fear as the people from Vault Career Insider have some tips to give you that edge and make you stand out from the crowd! They offer some very important Do's and Don't's by talking about the good, the bad and the ugly things that students do at career fairs.

Before you go, make sure to:

  • Find out which companies will be there
  • Research your favorite companies to have some talking points to bring up
  • Shower (this might seem obvious, but there are still plenty of students who don't)

While you're there:

  • Show up in a clean and pressed suit to make a good impression
  • Even for companies that prefer electronic resumes and applications, bring paper resumes as well
  • DON'T chew gum while speaking with employers

After you leave:

  • Use LinkedIn to make a connection with the person you spoke with at the fair or follow up with thank you notes, either hand-written or through email (or both)
  • DON'T stalk the company. Phone calls very day after the fair is not going to move your application along any faster.

Overall, remember to relax and be confident in yourself and your abilities. You would not have been able to get to this point if you were not capable of great things. These employers are not looking for the best candidate as much as the best person for the job, so remember to add a little of your own personality to your conversations as well.

To read the entire article, simply log on to the Vault Career Insider database through Hagerty Library's website and click the "Blogs" tab on the top of the page. While you're there, check out all the other great tools Vault has to offer like Career Guides, Industry Information and Resume Advice. You can also follow this link to the article:

Happy Hunting!

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