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Make a Career Plan!

Around this time, many companies, including Drexel, begin to make yearly and multi-yearly goals. They sit down and think about how they can improve their services all while trying to fulfill their mission. But they shouldn't be the only ones making these types of plans.

You can, and should, sit down this summer to come up with your own "Career" plan before you come back to school. Sit down and take a look at where you have come so far in the past year. Next, you want to look at your overall career goals. If you have yet to create a career goal, then make one. Think about where you would like to eventually end up in your career path (no, you will not become CEO of Apple when you graduate) and think about how you can reach that goal through your academic and your co-op and work experiences.

After looking at all of what you have done and what you want to do, sit down and create a plan for the next year that can help you reach your goals. Determine what companies you would like to co-op with and what classes you would like to take. Set a goal for the number of contacts you can add on LinkedIn or see if there are any opportunities for you to volunteer or intern with your targeted companies on the side. Ask yourself: What can I do in the next year that can bring you one step closer to reaching my goals?

If you want some help, definitely check out the Career Exploration Career Guide on my Reference Page and check out some of the Career Planning books available in the Career Collections in the Hagerty and Hahnemann Libraries. And, most importantly, talk to your Co-op Coordinator or a Career Counselor to help you create this plan.

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