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The B-Round Blues...

So, it's B-Round and you're still looking for a Co-op. You didn't get anything in A-round. You've had some interviews, but you're nervous about how well they went (since apparently your A-round interviews didn't go as planned). You really don't want to wait for C-round or have to go work for your Aunt Agnes. So what do you do?

First off, relax. Not every student is going to be placed in A-round. In fact, the odds were against you to do so anyway. Many times, it's simply a case of students and employers just not being a good match. With several new jobs in B-round, you have another opportunity to meet and impress a company looking for someone with your unique set of skills.

That said, you should take this opportunity to re-examine your resume and interview technique to see if there is anything you can improve for the next round of applications and interviews. Maybe this was your first set of interviews and you came across as nervous? Or maybe you completely missed the misspelling of "Drexel" on your resume (it happens). No matter what it is, go back and double check to make sure that you come across as the most capable and talented applicant that you can.

This might also be a good time to begin your Self-Directed job search. Maybe the industry or job you're dreaming of isn't available through SCDCOnline? By using the resources available in the Steinbright Career Development Center and Hagerty/Hahnemann Libraries, you might be able to find companies and jobs that you didn't even know existed, but that are just what you are looking for. So see if you can attend a Job Search Resources workshop or set up an appointment with your co-op coordinator or the Career Services Library Assistant to help you with this search.

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