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Mobile-ize your job search!

Everything today is going mobile. The term "there's an app for that" has turned from an advertising slogan to reality. Pretty soon you will be able to cook your Thanksgiving dinner's with your phones (ok, maybe not).

But with all those great apps out there, you know that there must be a bunch that can help you in your job search. While many of them are simply mobile versions of their web-site counterparts, they allow you to conduct your job search on the go. Meet a prospective employer on the street but don't have any business cards? Download one of the many business card apps to manage your business card collection. Trying to find a job close to home (or in a specific location)? Check out Job Compass. There are so many options for you to choose from that can help you in any stage of your search.

Want to learn about the best ones? Check out's Top 4 Job Search apps. You can also check out's extensive list of job search apps to find even more options.

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