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A Turkey-Day Opportunity

Thanksgiving dinner with family'Tis the season for giving thanks for what we have by sitting around a table with people we love and digging in to a homemade Thanksgiving meal. It's also a great time to learn about some career opportunities of which you may not be aware.

Many people think of networking as happy hours after work and striking up a conversation with a tired and potentially drunk professional. But networking can happen anytime, anywhere, including around the thanksgiving table. There may be some people that you don't see regularly, but that may work in an industry, or for a company, that you're interested in. Strike up a conversation after they've finished cooking or before the tryptophan knocks them (or you) out on the couch after dinner. See if they know of any opportunities or have some people they could pass your name onto. Ask them questions about their job and what responsibilities they have. Just remember to chew between sentences.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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