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Try something new!

This past weekend, I finally joined the 21st century: I finally got a smartphone. I know, I know, I'm about 5 years behind everyone but it really was about time. And now that I have it, I'm discovering all the cool things I can do with it. I now have a calendar to help me keep track of things when I'm on the move and can finally keep up with my friends and family on facebook and twitter. Most importantly, I can keep up on my sports scores so I don't miss a single game (much more important than work or family, that's for sure).

The same can happen with your job search. There are so many tools and resources out there for you to try to help you find a job or co-op. Some of them, like LinkedIn or electronic company directories and databases, are technology based. But there are "analog" resources too, like local chapters of professional associations. Try something different that you haven't had a chance to yet. Create a profile on LinkedIn and see who you're connected to. Use the D&B Million Dollar database to find companies in your industry you didn't even know existed. Attend the monthly happy hour for the local chapter of that association you've considered joining. If you do it just once, you will be exposed to a whole new world of people and information that you may not have even known existed. And hopefully, that something new that you try will suck you in and make you better prepared for your job or co-op search.

If you want to learn more about what tools and resources are available, feel free to check out my reference page at or attend my Job Search Resources workshop (you can find the schedule on my reference page as well). So go out and try something new in your job search. You won't know what you're missing!

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