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Getting Full Text from abstracts

Question: How do I get full articles from the free government site

You have a few options.

1.) The easiest to describe is just take the journal title from the citation you want, and look up that journal title in our library catalog (notice drop down menu to specify your search as "Journal Title." Then follow "Online access: Full-text options" links from the catalog record to the SFX page with the yellow bar and click the "GO" button next to the title. It will lead you into one of our vendor databases where you can browse by volume/issue/pages number to find your article.

2.)  Maybe even easier to describe is that we also pay for a version of ERIC on the vendor platform called “EBSCOHost.” You can find a link to it in our catalog - if you search just the word "ERIC" it will come up as the first result and take you to this link.  Once in ERIC on EBSCO, then do the same search there that you did on the site. Your results should be the same and all will have links to the full text (if we have access to it) through our SFX system. The link says "Check for full-text availability" or something like that.   By the way, we have a 3 minute video about searching using the ERIC thesaurus to search on this EBSCO platform.

3.) Lastly, there's the way the pro's do it. There is  another free site called where you can create a free account where you “set your favorite library” to Drexel’s Hagerty Library. This information is saved in your browser, and it will enable the special link in that shows up at the bottom of every single ERIC article record under the heading Full-Text Availability Options - see the link for  "Find in a Library."  It  will provide a link to the Drexel's SFX linking system and pass you through to our electronic holdings, if we have them.

Any one of those should work. BTW - this is more relevant for journal articles from scholarly publishers. On the other hand, using the site for self-published documents usually provides the full text directly without any of this linking issue.



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