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New RefWorks Version 2.0 Now in Beta

So you love citation management services - RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, Papers (for the mac) etc. You love the ease of adding the citations of articles you find to your very own account. You love generating bibliography lists with a few quick clicks. You love how it keeps your citations findable forever.  But if you have compared the available services, what makes one of them really stand out from the others? There's a ginormous comparison on Wikipedia if you want that perspective.

But I got a chance to reflect on my own criteria for excellence while previewing the beta-test version of RefWorks 2.0 over the summer months. They say it's been available since last April, but I only discovered in June. After initially wondering to myself  - with RefWorks 1.0 working so well, why mess with success? But after just minimal exposure, I'm happy to say the upgrade seems like a good thing in my opinion.

Check it out yourself at - and see the link on the lower right to sign up for your own account. Please note, these are temporary beta accounts. You should not save any important data to these. Keep your important citations in the RefWorks 1.0 version currently held by the Library.


Easy to learn.
Easy to look at.
Web-based (a personal bias)
Supports in-text parenthetical citations.
Offers hassle-free links back to Drexel's full-text.
Reliable (did I say that twice? that's because it's *really important*!!!)

Okay - that's my list. What about yours? I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Tim Siftar
Call the Reference Desk for you personal orientation to RefWorks or other citation management software.

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