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Workaround to Suspended ERIC Full-text ED Documents

As many of you are aware, the website sponsored by the US Department of Education has suspended access to many of its user-contributed, full-text documents - those with accession numbers starting with the letters "ED." This was done to isolate and begin removing sensitive personal information found in some portion of the older documents that had previously been available on microfiche. Read more about this on the ERIC website.

Two new developments lead me to offer this update. First, that the outage has lasted months at this point, and sounds like it will go much longer before access is restored.

Secondly, is a new document request form that has been offered to permit researchers to get expedited access to specific documents that are needed. Again, the affected documents are primarily older and self-published by agencies or entities other than commercial journal publishers. But at least this way, if you need this older material you have a workaround to obtain them in a matter of weeks instead of waiting until the completion of this screening process.

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