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Many New Education e-Books Coming in Feb 2013

We are delighted to announce that starting in February your e-book options for education topics will be greatly expanded! We anticipate adding a large batch (1000's!) of current education e-books through a new arrangement with our eBrary vendor. You can find these new e-books in three ways.

Many of you will be familiar with searching by keyword or browsing by subjects linked to each book's short descriptive record in our old-style  catalog. That will work fine with these new e-books, and is a good way to see all the book content we have, hard copy as well as electronic. But please recognize that you are only searching an amount of text equal to what previously fit on one or two physical 3"x5" index cards.

If you want to try something NEW - try our frontpage default "Articles & More" tab to search the FULLTEXT of e-books via our new Summon tool! This works with eBrary books but not necessarily content from other e-book vendors due to the fact that both eBrary and Summon products are affiliated with Proquest, a large publisher of library databases. Summon automatically searches the keyword contents of the full-text eBrary e-books, but I'm not altogether clear how those search results appear. What I can tell for sure is that using the advanced search feature you can specify Content Type= book chapters so each chapter appears as a separate article in the search results.

Third option is searching within the eBrary vendor database itself. There, you are sure to be keyword searching the full-text of all the books AND you can create your own personal eBrary account. Why bother with creating your own account? Because doing so enables greater printing capabilities as well as the ability to download chapters or entire books to your personal reading devices. See my other blog post for the details how to do that.

Want to see by HOW MUCH our collection will expand? See the number at the bottom of the following screenshot - it shows that by browsing Education topics, we currently have 2,870 books in this subject. Check back in February and compare the number! Please email me any comments.

Total eBrary Education BooksTotal eBrary Education Books in December 2012


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