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A student's experience of a consultation with a librarian

Elizabeth Dreher, Senior in BMES, Concentration in Biomaterials and
Tissue Engineering, reflects on her experiences as she learned that there many more resources available from our Library's web site to help her find information for her engineering design project.

In her own words:

"RE: BMES Senior Design Project

Prior to consulting with Jay Bhatt, I mainly used Science Direct to find peer reviewed papers. To a lesser extent, I also used PubMed and Google coupled with Drexel library’s SFX to access the papers that were not free through the PubMed or Google searches. To find more general information for assignments, I have used MD Consult and restricted my search results to text books. In the event that I couldn’t find a paper or general information, I have used ‘DrexelLibraryRef’ on AIM.

After my consultation with Jay Bhatt, I found many additional resources helpful to my senior design project. For my group’s Senior Design Proposal, I was interested in finding statistical information regarding hospitalization times and costs associated with intervertebral disc injuries. I had a hard time finding statistics on this subject until Jay introduced me to LexisNexis Statistical, which provided many relevant tables of costs for hospitalization injuries. I was also looking for detailed information on how part of our design would impact the environment and people involved in manufacturing. Our group is working with a vinyl monomer for which detailed environmental information wasn’t available on ScienceDirect or the other resources I knew. Jay Bhatt recommended I use the resources on the Senior Design blog for Chemical Engineering. From these resources, I was able to find toxicity and other relevant information from Ullmann’s and Knovel, which led me to Sittig’s Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens. In summary, I found everything I was looking for in less than an hour with the Jay’s help, and now I am more equipped to handle finding a variety of data for my BMES Senior Design project and other assignments."

-Elizabeth Dreher, Senior in BMES, Concentration in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

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