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A senior design and now a graduate student shares his experience of electronic databases

As part of my senior engineering design project, along with my
teammates, I worked on designing a Mechanical water softener using

My project:

Water hardness is a major problem is today’s world and
warrants attention. Hard water causes scaling and reduces life of any
devices that it comes in contact with. About 85% of the water in the
US is classified as hard water. Current Water softeners include ion
exchange and reverse osmosis system. These systems have significant
health and environmental impacts. Thus, there is a need to develop a
more efficient water softening system for commercial applications.
Through using filtration assisted by electric spark discharge plasma,
a mechanical water softener was created to reduce calcium in water.
This property of plasma would also ensure in creating a self cleaning
filtration system making it an automated system
For this research, literature search was extremely demanding. However,
with the Drexel library system resources, the task was significantly
easier to find and some of the sources used were

1.      Engineering Village
2.      Knovel

I also found the ASTM standards extremely useful in my project. These include:

ASTM E650–97. Standard guide for mounting piezoelec-tric AE sensors.
ASTM E750–98. Standard practice for characterizing acoustic emission
ASTM E650-97(2002)e1 Standard Guide for Mounting Piezoelectric
Acoustic Emission Sensor
ASTM E1316 - 10c Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations

I would like to thank our Engineering Library for providing numerous journal
articles and reference materials throughout my undergraduate years as
well as my graduate studies

My personal favorite is the Engineering Village database.  It is an extremely powerful reference website which contains numerous articles. Its extremely easy to find
articles and more importantly relevant articles. The search box is as
easy as it can get and you simply just need to type the name of the
article or even the field you are looking. If you are looking for
specific authors, it can still find the articles by specifying the
name of the author and setting the field as author name. Knovel is
pretty useful too in this regard.

Prashanth Abraham
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering,
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

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