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Open-Source Science

An article in 'Chemical &Engineering News' illustrates how online research communities can play a pivotal role in uniting scientists worldwide to find cures for neglected diseases. Last summer, Drexel University Professor, Dr. Jean Claude Bradley, started two simultaneous experiments in his lab with an aim of openly sharing data and results from the experiments on his blog. Excerpts "The first: to synthesize potential inhibitors for the malarial enzyme enoyl reductase, which the malaria parasite uses to produce essential fatty acids. The second: to post online all raw data that his five students produce (" and "When it comes to the issue of publishing, Bradley argues that open-source discussions are similar to conferences, where people openly discuss unpublished research and do not fear being denied the right to publish in a journal, assuming the science is good."

The Synaptic Leap is the Open Source Biomedical Research Blog whose mission is to empower scientists with an open, collaborative research community to find new ways to do science, answering questions that current institutions find difficult or impossible.
Read the full article at: Open-Source Science

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