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RSS alerting service now available on the Web of Knowledge/Web of Science

Here is a quick overview of what's new with ISI Web of Knowledge

Author Finder - Find the right author, right away. Distinguish between authors with the same name; available in Web of Science and Current Content Connect. .

RSS Alerting - Integrate crucial data into your workflow. Get custom RSS feeds to receive search, citation, and tables of content alerts from ISI Web of Knowledge.

You will need to register in ISI Web of Knowledge the first time. After searching in Web of Science, you can save your searches. Use 'Search History' and then click on 'Save History' icon. You will need to fill up 'Save Search History' form with a name for your alert, a brief description, and an option to receive an email alert for your query. If you are only interested in receiving RSS feeds, do not mark 'Send Me Email Alerts' box.
Click on 'Save' and you will notice an 'XML' icon that provides the URL for the RSS feed for your query.

Improved topic search results - Get more complete search results with the new implied "AND" between search terms.

See various training sessions on how to use Web of Knowledge efficiently at Web of Knowledge Recorded Sessions.

The first recorded session is the update on new features recently added to the ISI Web of Knowledge.

Drexelphysics blog had earlier announced some other new features in Web of Knowledge. According to this blog, "You will notice a new box at the beginning of your results list with options to "Refine" your search by Subject Categories, Sourch Titles, Document Types, Authors, and Publication Years and more. When you select one of these "Refinements" you will get a listing with the number of hits for each. Then you can select from the sorted options. Cool! AND you can continue to refine your results and for more options, you can use the analyse tool. NOW you can analyse sets upto 100,000 records."

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