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Nanofabrication Technology: A view of the Future

"In a lecture that dips into both the anatomy and history of the semiconductor, Grant Willson offers some provocative thoughts on whether industry can continue improving on this most useful of inventions. He describes how steady advances in miniaturization enabled the astonishing progress of microchips over the past 40 years. Today, says Willson, you can buy a transistor for less than the cost of a single written character in your local newspaper. When he began at IBM in the 1970s, the silicon wafers produced were only 1.5 inches in diameter; now they’re bigger than pizzas. Willson delves into the technological changes that both enabled printing on circuits to grow smaller, and the final product to grow larger."

Source: Scitech Library Newsletter

See the video of the Lecture at: Nanofabrication Technology: A view of the Future in Nanotechlogy Public Lectures

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