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U.D. Department of Energy - Building Technologies Program

In partnership with the private sector, state and local governments, national laboratories, and universities, the Building Technologies Program works to improve the efficiency of buildings and the equipment, components, and systems within them. The program supports research and development (R&D) activities and provides tools, guidelines, training, and access to technical and financial resources. The United States has many opportunities for energy and cost savings in its buildings. BTP is leading the way with advanced technologies for new and existing buildings.

For more information:  Building Technologies Program

See also: Building Technologies Program Information Resources and Program Areas

The Building Technologies Program offers a large collection of resources designed to deliver current, relevant information about energy efficiency for residential and commercial buildings. This page provides links to newsletters, publications, Webinars, training opportunities, software tools, and disaster recovery information.


Find publications on commercial and residential energy efficiency technologies and best practices on the Building Technologies Program's publications Web page. See also Browse by Topic to find articles on relevant subject areas such as Biomass Program, Fuel Cells Technologies Program, and Vehicle Technologies Programs. etc.

Building E2 Newsletter

Read the Building Technologies Program quarterly online newsletter, Building E2 News, to stay informed about commercial and residential activities, technologies, events, and much more.

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