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Ground breaking innovations in rich media format from Urweb

Urweb is the home of the Cyberpitch(TM) ground breaking innovations
from emerging companies, Universities and Government Laboratories
packaged in an easy to understand rich media format.


Plug and Play Satellites
A modular nanosatellite approach to form simple, but functional spacecraft.

Fiber Optics Sensor
A sensor capable of measuring stresses in materials at centimeter intervals while in operation.
This sensor will greatly enhance the ability of engineers and designers to make better bridges, buildings and transportation.

Medical Tube Securing Device
A bite block that greatly reduces skin damage and improves oral hygiene maintenance with long term intubated patients.

Cryogenics Laboratory
The Cryogenics Test Laboratory houses one-of-a kind capabilities for research, development, and application of crosscutting technologies to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

JPL and City of Hope have combined to use NASA made nanotubes as vectors for therapeutics to combat brain tumors.

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