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Engineering for Change with its Launch of Online Platform for Collaboration and Problem Solving

Engineering for Change provides a forum to connect, collaborate, solve challenges and share knowledge among a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments and community advocates, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life all over the world. E4C is bridging technology and humanitarian development. Explore how communities are being transformed using open-source technology to solve real problems.


1 in 4 people in the world live without electricity. This energy poverty is the biggest limitation to improving living conditions. Alternative energy solutions are demonstrating real promise and opportunity for further development.

How to sterilize medical instruments in off-grid clinics

Scissors, tweezers, scalpels and other medical instruments used for routine treatments must be heated and pressurized to kill microbes before reuse. This presents a real challenge to doctors and nurses at health posts in rural Nicaragua because sterilization takes more than boiling water.

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