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Columbia Gazetteer

We now have a subscription to the Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online!   Check it out:

Planning an African Safari?

We do not have a library subject guide for travelers, but we certainly have a wonderful selection of electronic resources the Drexel Community can use to help plan a vacation!  Just a reminder -- here's a few:

Columbia Gazetteer of the World: The entries include information on demography; physical geography; political boundaries; agriculture; cultural, historical, and archeological points of interest; transportation lines; longitude, latitude, and elevations; distance to relevant places; pronunciations; official local government place-names and changed or variant names and spellings.

Global Road Warrior: covers 175 countries. Each country listing includes: Key facts, Communications, Service support and Technical support contacts, Business culture insights, Language tips, top 150 travel web sites, regional maps, international dialing guide, mobile connectivity problems and solutions, currencies of the world and more.

SimplyMap: A web-based mapping application that lets users create thematic maps and reports using United States demographic, business, and marketing data.

CountryWatch: Details Political, economic, corporate, social, and environmental trends in 192 countries.

Europa World Yearbook: Covers political and economic information in over 250 countries and territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

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