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Talking to a Social Loafer


This is how groups usually deal with a social loafer:

A) Discover that a teammate didn't do their part
B) Scramble to complete that teammate's part of the project to turn the work in on time
C) Ignore the teammate that didn't do the work.

Remember, people become social loafers because they think that it's easier (and just as beneficial) to let others do their work for them. So, the other team members need to make sure that the loafer knows that the team needs the loafer's input.

You can start by just saying something like this, "Hey. We're concerned that you didn't meet the deadline that we all agreed to. Is there something that we, your teammates, can do to help you with your section of our project? We really need everyone on the team to contribute in order for this project to be successful."

Calling someone out is always really difficult, but we promise you that it'll be better than just ignoring your teammate and doing her share of the project.

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