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Setting the agenda

Your group is finally meeting! Are you excited? You should be excited.

First, your whole group should be commended for finding a time when everyone is available. Good job, people. The hardest part is done, but you still need to do a little more preparation for your meeting.

Because it's so complicated to get everyone together, it's super important that you work out the agenda for your meeting before you actually meet. You want to make sure that your group uses its time effectively and efficiently. The agenda will help you run your meeting, but it will also help your group know what everyone needs to prepare ahead of time.

The agenda should be emailed out to your group a day or two before your meeting, especially if you want to discuss course readings, go over research, or anything else that might take some preparation.

Your agenda could look something like this:


Meeting time: Tuesday 5pm-6pm
Place: Library Learning Terrace (Race St. Dorms)

1. Review our timeline for the project. Are we on track? (5 minutes)*

2. Review feedback from instructor from the outline we created. (10 minutes)

3. Discuss the case questions that are due next week. Everyone, let's make sure that we've all read the case and please take notes and look over the case questions in the course syllabus. (30 minutes)

4. Check in with everyone's progress and review our next steps. (15 minutes)


* We recommend having a timed agenda. You want to make sure that your group can get to all the important issues you'll need to work out together.

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