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Things to do for a successful group project (part 1)

Before you start with your group project, it is important to for you and your team members to  complete some tasks necessary for the completion of your group project.

Think about your project. Plan what you want to accomplish. Accordingly, set up your goals and objectives.

  • Divide up your project into series of small tasks
  • Assign tasks among different team members
  • Set deadline to complete these tasks
  • Schedule meetings in person
  • Monitor progress
  • Take responsibility for completion of each task

Identify subject areas in which you need to develop background needed to complete the task.

  • Assess your own strengths.  Select your assignments based on your strengths.
  • Identify faculty experts in that area. Talk to them.
  • Find out who your librarians are covering those subject areas. Consult with them to seek their guidance on how conduct research to help you find information needed.

Communicate with your project Adviser

  • Regularly meet with your project adviser
  • Keep him or her uptodate with your project status
  • Seek help if needed

Communicate with each other

  • Coordinate with each other with various responsibilities
  • Identify your particular skill strength (drafting, revising, website construction, scheduling deadlines, annotating graphs, creating presentations)
  • Distribute work among yourselves according to skill strength

Things to do for a successful group project (part 2) continued in the next post.

Note: Jacob Clouse and the members of his  freshman engineering design team provided useful suggestions and analysis of why their group project was successful.   Some of their recommendations are included above.

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