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Things to do for a successful group project (part 2)

Continued from: Things to do for a successful group project (part 1)

Remember that your work is important. Be committed to your assigned tasks.

  • Your work is important to not only yourself but also to other team members. Your quality of work will impact the entire group.
  • Ask yourself: What else do I need to learn to make sure I am not missing anything for my assignment? How do I get more information about it?
  • Continue consulting with appropriate librarians and relevant library resources available from Library's website.
  • Compile work or at least make sure that it gets properly compiled. Especially in the final report, make sure that there is harmony from one section to the next.  Make sure that it is no longer a "rough" draft.
  • Check to make sure that assignments were indeed turned in. If someone else is working on the website or turning in a progress report, make sure that it is gets submitted on time.

Have fun with your project

  • Being friendly and having a good laugh every once in a while will have a rejuvenating effect on everyone.
  • It is good to always stay serious and focused, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy each other's company and keep each other light-hearted.
Everyone is different. Find unity in diversity
  • Understand that it is to your advantage if everyone is different. People are not always going to act in the exact manner that you would, but that indeed strengthens a group.
  • Working with a diverse group with varied expertise  for Engineering Design project is more fun than with a group of clones.
  • Everyone has their own style and approach, and it is through those that your final product will turn out well polished.
  • Everyone  brings an inspecting eye that looked from a different vantage point.

Note: Jacob Clouse and the members of his  freshman engineering design team provided useful suggestions and analysis of why their group project was successful.   Some of their recommendations are included above.

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