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YOU have something to contribute

Dear Group Work Guru,

I don't think I have anything to contribute to my group. The three other students in my group are a million times smarter and more accomplished than I am. They understand what's happening in class more than I do. Isn't it best to just let them do the work?

Struggling Student


Dear Struggling Student,

No! You should never let your teammates do all the work while you do nothing. It's great that you're in a group with talented students. This is tremendous opportunity for you to learn a lot from working with them.

Everyone has something to contribute to the group.

Offer to team-up with one of your genius groupmates to work on a smaller section of the project together. You'll learn so much by working with him or her.

You may also offer to take notes, organize team meetings, and do other administrative work to help move the project along. It'll also give you a chance to practice your project management skills.

Group-taciously yours,
The Group Work Guru

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