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Avenge group work!

We're just at the point in the quarter when your group has to pull it all together and finish your project. If you're still feeling a little rough around the edges, why not get your group together and have an outing to see the new Avengers movie?

Why The Avengers?

It's a great inspirational movie about a diverse group of superheros who manage, beyond great differences, to come together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Sounds familiar, right?

The Project:
Work together to fight Loki, a Norse god who has brought an army of outer space aliens down to Earth to wreak havoc and mayhem upon the citizens of New York City.

Black Widow: Excellent communication abilities and martial arts skills.
Captain America: Fancy shield. Hand-to-hand combat skills. Strong leadership abilities, albeit a bit old fashioned.
Incredible Hulk: Perhaps the weak link in this team, due to uncontrollable rage and a penchant for chaotic destruction.
Iron Man: Great access to technological gadgets, a fancy iron suit, and his own skyscraper. Trouble with authority.
Hawkeye: Skilled archer.
Thor: Demigod with a magic hammer and flowing blonde hair. Also has insider knowledge about Loki.

Without giving too much away, let's just say that our diverse group of superheros must learn to work together for the greater good of the whole world. They start off as individuals and by the end of the movie, they're a team! If Iron Man and Captain America can respectfully work together and if the Incredible Hulk can find ways to add value to his group, anything is possible.

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