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Groups Have Roles (are you ready for your closeup?)

For your group to work effectively and efficiently each member has a role to play.  Identify the roles needed to accomplish the assignment at hand.  Here are some customary roles you might consider.

Recorder:  Basically keeps track of decisions, ASSIGNMENTS, and due dates.  This person is the key communicator outside of face to face time—gathers everyone’s email and cell phone numbers.

Reporter:  When there's a blackboard, whiteboard or large pad it's very helpful for someone to put important points up.  This visual stimulus drives ideas and discussion moving a project forward.  Yes, this really works.  We have lots of whiteboards at the Library Learning Terrace and study rooms in all of our libraries are equipped with blackboards or whiteboards.  Go for it!

Leader:  Discovers the talents in the group—who has math skills, who has graphic skills, who has writing skills and make assignments accordingly; keeps the group moving on the project, keeps everyone on task.

Manager:  Stays on top of due dates, nags members for their  contributions and keeps all informed about progress.  Key word here:  Organized

The roles listed above can be combined or divided up.  For an effective and efficient group understand these functions are crucial to your successful project.

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