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Reprise: CINAHL now available only through EBSCO

In early July, the Libraries announced that the CINAHL database would now be available only on the EBSCOHost platform. Due to new contractual agreements between CINAHL and EBSCO, CINAHL is no longer available through OVID.  All links on the Library website have been changed to reflect this.

While the EBSCOHost platform differs in some functionality, it does offer parallels to many of the popular OVID features:

Mapping to Subject Headings -> Suggest Subject Headings
The Advanced Search mode of EBSCO includes, by default, a function to map key words to CINAHL subject headings. The Subject Heading display includes Explode functions (i.e., include narrower subject headings in search) and subheadings.

Combining Searches - > On displaying the “Search History”, one can combine search terms to construct more complex search strategies.

Limits -> Refine Results
Search Options or Refine Results offers the full spectrum of limits: Peer Review, Research, Nursing journals only, etc.

Results Manager/Saved Searches -> “My Folder/My EBSCOHost”
Citations selected from a search are stored in the active Folder.  By creating a personal account (My EBSCOHost) stored citations and search strategies can be saved across sessions.  A folder sharing option offers the possibility of sharing search strategies and results between instructors and students or among the members of class.

Instructors who would like assistance in adapting CINAHL search assignments to the EBSCO platform should contact Gary Childs or Kathleen Turner in the Hahnemann Library.

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