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SFX: OVID and ScienceDirect connection problems

We have been experiencing some difficulties connecting to journals in the OVID and ScienceDirect (Elsevier) collections via the SFX linking system.  The OVID problem seems to occur only when connecting from off-campus while the ScienceDirect problem can occur regardless of location.

In both cases, it is still possible to obtain the desired journal article.

For ScienceDirect journals: ScienceDirect seems to be having trouble interpreting the article-level information from SFX.  Return to the SFX window, and remove the year, volume, issue and page number information from the boxes, then click on the red GO button again.  ScienceDirect will open to the entry point for the journal title; it will be necessary to select the volume and issue needed from the listing on the left, then find the required article in the table of contents.

Remove text from boxes.

For OVID Journals: Search in the library catalog for the required journal title; click the provided link to connect to OVID, then select the volume and issue needed from the display, and find the required article in the table of contents.

We are working to resolve both of these problems; please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

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