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Radiologic Images From ARRS GoldMiner

AARS GoldMiner® is a free, Internet-based search engine for quickly locating high quality radiology images from peer-reviewed journals.

To find an image from AARS GoldMiner’s®collection of nearly 250,000 images,

  • Search a disease name, imaging finding, or anatomic feature.
  • Use the advanced search feature to filter the results by imaging modality (CT, MRI, X-ray, etc.), patient age, and patient sex.

Results will include thumbnail images with a partial caption for each image retrieved.

  • Click a thumbnail to view a full-size image with complete caption from the original journal’s website
  • A link offers to obtain a “PowerPoint Slide for Teaching.”
  • Source and title of the article where the image appears is displayed.  Click the title to open full-text of the article.

AARS GoldMiner® is optimized for mobile devices.

A link to AARS Goldminer® has been added to the library’s Radiology Subject Guide (under “Other Resources”) for easy future access.

Have questions about ARRS Goldminer® or any other information need?  Please call: Hahnemann Library: 215-762-7184    OR   Queen Lane Library: 215-991-8740

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