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"Books 24x7" - New Info Tech Ebooks

IT Ebooks galore! Clicking through requires Drexel ID/PW

1.) Architecture and patterns for IT service management, resource planning, and governance : making shoes for the cobbler's children / Charles T. Betz.

2.) ASP.NET data presentation controls essentials : master the standard ASP.NET server controls for displaying and managing data / Joydip Kanjilal technical editor, Bhupali Khule.

3.) Asterisk hacking / Benjamin Jackson, Champ Clark III Larry Chaffin and Johnny Long, technical editors.

4.) Basic statistics using SAS Enterprise Guide : a primer / Geoff Der, Brian S. Everitt.

5.) Beginning database design : from novice to professional / Clare Churcher technical reviewer, Stéphane Faroult.

6.) Beginning Google maps applications with PHP and Ajax : from novice to professional / Michael Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells and Cameron Turner.

7.) Best damn server virtualization book period : including Vmware, Xen, and Microsoft Virtual Server / Kris Buytaert ... [et al.].

8.) BPEL cookbook : best practices for SOA-based integration and composite applications development : ten practical real-world case studies combining business process management and web services orchestration / Harish Gaur ... [et al.] editors, Harish Gaur, Markus Zirn reviewers, Justin Kestelyn ... [et al.].

9.) Build your own ASP.NET 2.0 web site using C# & VB, second edition / Cristian Darie, Zak Ruvalcaba.

10.) Build your own web site the right way using HTML & CSS / Ian Lloyd Marc A. Garrett, expert reviewer Matthew Magain, technical editor.

11.) Building a web site for dummies, 3rd edition / David A. Crowder.

12.) Building and maintaining a data warehouse / Fon Silvers.

13.) Building Flickr applications with PHP / Rob Kunkle, Andrew Morton.

14.) Business process management with JBoss jBPM : a practical guide for business analysis--develop business process models for implementation in a business process management system / Matt Cumberlidge reviewers, Diego Naya Lazo, Dr. David Franklin, Sebastien Michea technical editor, Ajay S.

15.) CISO leadership : essential principles for success / Todd Fitzgerald and Micki Krause, editors.

16.) Configuring IPCop firewalls : closing borders with open source : how to set up, configure, and manage your Linux firewall, Web proxy, DHCP, DNS, Time Server, and VPN with this powerful open source solution / Barrie Dempster, James Eaton-Lee reviewers, Kyle Hutson, Lawrence Bean technical editor, Saurabh Singh.

17.) Creating your MySQL database : practical design tips and techniques : a short guide for everyone on how to structure their data and set up their MySQL database tables efficiently and easily / Marc Delisle reviewer, Rudy Limeback technical editor, Mithil Kulkarni.

18.) Crystal reports XI for developers / David McAmis.

19.) DNS in action : a detailed and practical guide to DNS implementation, configuration, and administration / Libor Dostalek, Alena Kabelova technical editors, Darshan Parekh, Abhishek Shirodkar.

20.) Domino 7 application development : writing and upgrading applications for the latest Lotus Notes/Domino platform / Dick McCarrick ... [et al.] reviewer, Barry Heinz technical editors, Divya Menon, Saurabh Singh.

21.) Enhancing Microsoft Content management server with ASP.NET 2.0 : ASP.NET 2.0 master pages, themes, site navigation, and the membership provider model in Microsoft Content management Server development : use the powerful new features of ASP.NET 2.0 with your MCMS websites / Spencer Harbar, Lim Mei Ying, Stefan Goβner reviewers, Andreas Klein ... [et al.] technical editor, Niranjan Jahagirdar.

22.) Expert Visual C++/CLI : .NET for Visual C++ programmers / Marcus Heege technical reviewer, Stanley Lippman.

23.) Foundation Flex for designers / Greg Goralski, Lord Alex Leon technical reviewer, Mike Jones.

24.) Foundations of ASP.NET Ajax / Robin Pars, Laurence Moroney, and John Grieb.

25.) Foundations of F# / Robert Pickering.

26.) Foundations of security : what every programmer needs to know / Neil Daswani, Christoph Kern, and Anita Kesavan.

27.) Foundations of WF : an introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation / Brian R. Myers.

28.) Foundations of WPF : an introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation / Laurence Moroney.

29.) Getting started with SAS activity-based management 6.3 / [by SAS Institute].

30.) Getting started with SAS activity-based management 6.4 / [by SAS Institute].

31.) Google Web Toolkit : GWT Java AJAX programming : a practical guide to Google Web Toolkit for creating AJAX applications with Java / Prabhakar Chaganti reviewers, Luca Masini, Travis S. Schmidt technical editors, Rashmi Phadnis, Ved Prakash Jha.

32.) Hacking Vim : a cookbook to get the most out of the latest Vim editor / Kim Schulz.

33.) How to cheat at administering Office communications server 2007 / Anthony Piltzecker, technical editor [and lead author], Rand Morimoto [contributing authors], Ron Barrett ... [et al.].

34.) HTML mastery : semantics, standards, and styling / Paul Haine technical reviewer, Ian Lloyd.

35.) HTML utopia : designing without tables using CSS / Dan Shafer, Rachel Andrew Richard Rutter, expert reviewer Craig Anderson, technical editor.

36.) ImageMagick tricks : Web image effects from the command line and PHP : unleash the power of ImageMagick with this fast, friendly tutorial and tips guide / Sohail Salehi reviewers, Sven Henckel, Gabe Schaffer, Anthony Thyssen technical editor, Rushabh Sanghavi.

37.) IT success! : towards a new model for information technology / Michael Gentle.

38.) Ivor Horton's beginning Visual C++ 2008 / Ivor Horton.

39.) Learn spreadsheet macro programming : OOoBasic and Calc automation : a fast and friendly tutorial to writing macros and spreadsheet applications / Mark Alexander Bain reviewer, Andrew Pitonyak technical editors, Divya Menon, Saurabh Singh.

40.) Learning Jakarta Struts 1.2 : a concise and practical tutorial / Stephan Wiesner technical editor, Richard Deeson.

41.) Learning PHP Data Objects : a beginner's guide to PHP Data Objects, Database Connection Abstraction Library for PHP 5. / Dennis Popel reviewers, Dinangkur Kundu, Tahmid Munaz technical editor, Swapna V. Verlekar.

42.) LINQ quickly : a practical guide to programming language integrated query with C# / N. Satheesh Kumar reviewer, Granville Barnett technical editor, Sarvesh Shanbhag.

43.) Linux thin client networks design and deployment : a quick guide for system administrators / David Richards reviewers, Diego Torres Milano, Blaine Hilton technical editor, Rajlaxmi Nanda.

44.) Microsoft Office Visio 2003 step by step / Judy Lemke and Resources Online.

45.) Microsoft Vista for IT security professionals / Anthony Piltzecker, technical editor Larry Chaffin ... [et al.].

46.) OSWorkflow : a guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source business process management / Diego Adrian Naya Lazo technical editors, Rashmi Phadnis, Saurabh Singh.

47.) Perl scripting for Windows security : live response, forensic analysis, and monitoring / Harlan Carvey technical editor, Dave Kleiman.

48.) Physical database design : the database professional's guide to exploiting indexes, views, storage, and more / Sam Lightstone, Toby Teorey, Tom Nadeau.

49.) Pluggable Authentication Modules : the definitive guide to PAM for Linux sysadmins and C developers : a comprehensive and practical guide to PAM for Linux : how modules work and how to implement them / Kenneth Geisshirt reviewers, Ralf Hildebrandt, Huang Zhen technical editor, Mithil Kulkarni.

50.) Practical Ruby for system administration / André Ben Hamou technical reviewer, Dee Zsombor.

51.) Practical support for ISO 9001 software project documentation : using IEEE software engineering standards / Susan K. Land, John W. Walz.

52.) Pro Active Record for Ruby : databases with Ruby and Rails / Kevin Marshall, Chad Pytel, Jon Yurek technical reviewer, Adam Stein.

53.) Pro Excel 2007 VBA / Jim DeMarco technical reviewer, Mark Etwaru.

54.) Pro JavaScript techniques / John Resig.

55.) Pro OGRE 3D programming / Gregory Junker [foreword by Steve Streeting].

56.) Pro PHP : patterns, frameworks, testing and more / Kevin McArthur technical reviewer, Jeffrey Sambells.

57.) Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2008 : the language / Donis Marshall.

58.) Programming Windows Workflow Foundation : practical WF techniques and examples using XAML and C# : a C# developer's guide to the features and programming interfaces of Windows Workflow Foundation / K. Scott Allen reviewer, Dan Kahler technical editor, Viraj Joshi.

59.) Qmail quickstarter : install, set up, and run your own email server--a fast-paced and easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that gets you up and running quickly / Kyle Wheeler reviewer, Russell Nelson technical editor, Saurabh Singh.

60.) Rails solutions : Ruby on Rails made easy / Justin Williams.

61.) Sensor technology handbook / editor-in-chief, Jon S. Wilson.

62.) Simply JavaScript / Kevin Yank, Cameron Adams Kevin Yank, technical editor.

63.) SSL VPN : understanding, evaluating, and planning secure, web-based remote access / Joseph Steinberg, Timothy Speed technical editors, Chris Fernando, Ashutosh Pande.

64.) Struts 2 design and programming : a tutorial / Budi Kurniawan technical reviewer, Paul Deck.

65.) Techno Security's guide to managing risks for IT managers, auditors, and investigators / Jack Wiles Russ Rogers, technical editor foreword by Donald Withers.

66.) The ASP.NET 2.0 anthology : 101 essential tips, tricks & hacks / Scott Allen ... [et al.] Matthew Magain, technical editor.

67.) The book of wireless : a painless guide to wi-fi and broadband wireless, 2nd edition / by John Ross.

68.) The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist study guide : 2007 Microsoft Office System edition / Joyce Cox, Joan Preppernau technical reviewers: Rob Carr ... [et al.].

69.) The Microsoft Outlook ideas book / Barbara March reviewers, Eric Woodford ... [et al.] technical editor, Jimmy Karumalil.

70.) The principles of project management / Meri Williams Toby Somerville, technical editor.

71.) UML 2.0 in action : a project based tutorial / Patrick Grässle, Henriette Baumann, Philippe Baumann technical editor, Chris Smith, Paramita Chakrabarti.

72.) Web development solutions : Ajax, APIs, libraries, and hosted services made easy / Christian Heilmann, Mark Norman Francis.

73.) Windows Vista inside out deluxe edition / Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, Craig Stinson.

74.) XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 : programmer's reference, 4th edition / Michael Kay.

75.) Youtube for dummies / by Douglas Sahlin and Chris Botello technical editor, Douglas Spotted Eagle.

76.) Zimbra : implement, administer and manage--get your organization up and running with Zimbra, fast / Marty Resnick, David Touitou reviewer, David Touitou.

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