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New Books: Graphic Novels!

Graphic novels are like comics for grown-up's or kids or anyone who prefers reading stories in an animated form instead of plain linear text. As part of an effort to build our collection here at Drexel,  I am delighted to collaborate with Drexel iSchool alumna, author and long-time Library Journal columnist Martha Cornog on producing a special topic research guide on graphic novels.

Our modest effort includes reviewing a representative sample of individual books from a dozen or so categories across the vast and growing genre of graphic novels. We are borrowing liberally for these guides from Martha's book "Graphic Novels: Beyond the Basics" and supplementing with weblinks to related resources.  As long as my budget holds out, I plan to purchase all the reviewed items for the Library's collection.

Starting at the top of our list of categories, the first is for parents and professionals who are facing reluctant readers. Future additions to the guide will include sections on African American, Manga, and historically-based graphic novels, among others.  For the benefit of readers who would like additional references, we plan to include links to full reviews published for many of these books in Library Journal.

We hope you enjoy this online resource as well as all of the new titles we are adding to our Drexel Library collection!

Tim Siftar and Martha Cornog

Graphic Novels: Beyond the Basics book cover

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