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Geographic Information Visualization - Simply Map 2

Trial extended through June 15th!

Hugely improved with intuitive “wizards” to guide queries, SimplyMap 2 makes business and demographic information accessible to non-experts through a mapping visualization interface.  Included in this trial is temporary access to the amazingly deep Simmons LOCAL and Claritas PRIZM (Nielson) data sets with consumer and opinion data points such as religious and political views that you cannot otherwise find in Census data.  This data is excellent for market research, justifying new product development, business location decisions as well as political and electoral strategy planning, with zip code, census tract and often times block group level data.

Aside from the updated interface, many new features have been enabled on the new version, such as full-text Boolean searching of metadata descriptions for all variables.  Also included for GIS geeks is the new ability to export data as shape files.

The same new interface will go live on our main subscription in July. But this temporary access to the fancy datasets is not likely to return without strong advocates – so try it while you can!

(Want to preview the PRIZM psycho-graphic profiles by zipcode? Try them  on the open web here.)

Thoughts & comments always welcome:

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