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Leadership Development videos On TRIAL until April 30th

Until the end of this month we have a trial to the Leadership Development streaming video collection from the vendor “SkillSoft” as enjoyed by the majority of the Fortune 1000 companies and many leading universities. Over 2,700 streaming videos, ranging from 2 to 90 minutes in length, featuring speakers such as Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, etc. from sources such as DeLoitte Consulting, CEO Exchange and Cornell’s Johnson School of Management.

Skillsoft delivers content via the Books 24x7 platform on which we have enjoyed e-books for over a decade. Log into their platform directly and see the navigation on the right hand side for links to videos. [Browse Topics/ View by / Leadership Development Topic]

Below I will include the browse menus of categories to give you an idea of the coverage.  As with all trials, YOUR FEEDBACK will determine if we purchase this! So please send me any comments, including the course numbers for which you would see this being useful.
Change Management
Adapting to Change
Leading Change
Managing Change
Delivering Presentations
Effective Personal Communication
Email Messaging
Globalization & Emerging Markets
Human Resources
Attracting Talent
Learning & Development
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Reducing Stress
Retaining Talent
Safety and Wellness
Valuing Diversity
Behaving with Values
Building Teams
Coaching & Mentoring
Empowering Others
Leading Others
Managing Performance
Managing Virtually
Faculty Announcement Newsletter
Motivating Others
Personal Effectiveness
Behaving Ethically
Emotional & Business Intelligence
Managing Projects
Managing Time & Priorities
Navigating Corporate Culture
Self Motivation
Producer Picks
Programs with Subtitles
Recommended Meeting Starters
Advance Management Skills
Generate Customer/Client Insights
Improve Sales Performance
Improve Team Performance
Increase Revenue
Inspire and Energize
Overcome Adversity
Spark New Ways of Thinking
Work Smarter
Sales & Marketing
Managing Customers
Strategy & Innovation
Creativity & Problem Solving
Leading Growth
Operational Management & Process
Strategy & Execution
Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

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