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Safari Tech Books- Your Recommendations?

Do you have a favorite information technology book that the Library doesn’t currently own? How about a hot tech topic that the Library collection should develop?

After recently weeding some older editions we now have several dozen open slots in our rotating Safari E-book Collection. We welcome your help to fully utilize our allotted number of titles. Books from the following publishers constitute the bulk of what we have available to us.
•    Addison-Wesley Professional
•    Adobe Press
•    Cisco Press
•    IBM Redbooks
•    Microsoft Press
•    New Riders
•    OReilly
•    Peachpit Press
•    Prentice Hall PTR
•    Que
•    Sams
•    And more

Also - as always, please feel free to make suggestions in areas you feel are relevant to the information technology field. We will make every effort to accommodate your request!

Tim Siftar

iSchool, Education and Goodwin College Librarian

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