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Wireless Update

Internet access at this library has been seriously screwed up for almost a year now, if not longer. Recently it’s gotten a little better and the effort represented by the Ethernet cords is appreciated, although they haven’t worked each time I’ve tried to use them. Still, I have to ask: who is working on the wireless? Is the administration aware of the extent of the problem? Is there any chance I’ll experience fully functional internet at the library before I graduate at the end of the summer?

Thanks for your comments. We know wireless access here and elsewhere on campus is a consistent problem. IRT recognizes the issues and believes that there are simply not enough wireless access points in the building to support the number of users we have. They are working to upgrade the wireless capacity around campus. Unfortunately, since IRT must work campus wide, there is no way to know when they will be upgrading Hagerty Library specifically.

If you plug into one of our Ethernet jacks and it doesn't work, it may be that it was shut off because the last person who plugged into it was identified as having a virus or other problem. Unfortunately we can’t figure out if this has happened until we call IRT. If you are unable to connect through an Ethernet jack, please let a library staff member know, and we will ask IRT to re-enable it as quickly as possible.

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