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Printing Fees

library of congress

Speaking on behalf of the student population, we do not believe that we should pay for printing. Don’t taxpayer dollars help us with free printing? Probably not because we are not a state funded school. But our tuition should be able to cover it. I know other schools like Temple have printing privileges. Why can’t we?

Thanks for your question. As you point out, Drexel does not receive tax payer funds to allay the cost of student printing. Temple is a state school, but we can’t say whether Pennsylvania subsidizes their printing costs. If you read the fine print in Temple’s policy, you’ll notice that printing actually isn’t free—each student pays a “technology fee” which goes toward printing. In fact, Temple students could end up paying more per page than Drexel students, since their technology fees are based on their course load, not on the amount of printing they do. On the other hand, Penn charges a per-page fee like Drexel. Like Temple and Penn, we just don’t have the money to cover printing and the associated costs of running and maintaining printers throughout the building.

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