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Overnight Reserves

It would be nice to have an overnight borrowing option for textbooks on reserve. Especially during midterms or finals, where pulling all-nighters can be the norm. One possible option would be to allow textbooks borrowed after midnight to roll-over to the next day, and require them to be returned by 8 am.

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion. The borrowing period for reserve items are determined by the faculty members who put the items on reserve. Some books have overnight borrowing periods. But most professors want to satisfy the high demand for these books by ensuring that their course texts don’t leave the building. If the borrowing period changes during exams, access will be lessened when the need is greatest.

If you need access to a text book for a longer period than the library’s reserve system allows, you might consider purchasing your own copy. We also have photocopiers and scanners on Hagerty’s frist floor and lower level so you can use parts of the book even when you have to give it back for someone else to check out.

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