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Here is a comment we received during the last round of law school exams:

So 1/3 of Drexel's library is closed during law school exam  period. Okay, fine—I  get it. What I am curious about is why we are still letting in reciprocal ID students (especially Penn), even though we as Drexel students are not allowed in their library during their reading week (which, coincidentally is this week). This is mid terms week, so library demand is PEAK just among Drexel students, and I think that it's unfair that Penn students are allowed in here but we aren't allowed in their library. Can we completely restrict access during law school exams? I am all for helping out our future Drexel attorneys, but do we need to let everyone from all schools in to the remaining two floors?

While the law library is restricted for this exam period, the rest of Hagerty library is closed to the general public. We allow Drexel alumnae and those with reciprocal privileges into the library, but no one other than current students, staff and faculty can log onto the computers. We have only had a few students from reciprocal schools enter the building during this current period, and none of them should have been logged onto the computers.

During Drexel final exams (whether the law school is in their exam period or not), we close Hagerty Library to everyone but current Drexel students, faculty, and staff. Because Drexel has such short terms, we cannot do this during mid terms, because it would mean too great a portion of each term would be closed to those who have reciprocal borrowing privileges.

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