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It's too noisy!

The library—particularly the computer area—get really loud with people talking on the phone. For those of us without computers who must use Hagerty’s this is somewhat stressful. Is there a way to keep the library quieter? There are more social areas than study areas at Drexel.

Thanks for your comment. Here at Hagerty we are constantly trying to strike a balance between those who need quiet and those who need to make some noise—either to work in groups or to spend five or ten minutes taking care of some business before getting back to writing their papers.  In general, we ask that people not use cell phones in the computer areas, and if we hear someone talking loudly in a quiet area, we will say something to them. If you hear someone on the phone, please feel free to ask them to move to a non-quiet area, or to hang up.  You can point to the “Quiet Area” signs around the computers as your justification. If that doesn’t work, please come find a library staff member and we’ll back you up.

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