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Computer Crunch

I would like to bring up the frivolity of most internet use within the building. At times it seems like people are camped out (and I mean for extended periods) at every computer on Facebook, doing absolutely nothing but wasting bandwidth. Furthermore, this problem appears to have expanded to the second-floor catalog computers, where students feel it is their right to take over these convenience pcs for double-checking call numbers to find books and searching for nearby items. I (and I can tell you quite a few of my friends) would support a measure to block Facebook from many of the library computers, to free them up for people like me and the original poster who was upset about not having a place to study. Please consider this — it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your comment. We are aware that this is a problem on Hagerty’s second floor, and several of our library directors are in the midst of working out the best solution. We are considering several options, including adding more terminals and restricting access only to certain library resources.

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