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Service Spotlight: EZproxy – Ensuring Access 24/7, On and Off Campus

Drexel University Libraries licenses a growing number of electronic resources each year. In fact, in fiscal year 2011 the Libraries spent close to $3 million on licenses and subscriptions to electronic resources and information management tools.

However, none of this is helpful if you cannot access the information. The Libraries make it a priority to provide access to these valuable resources anytime [24/7], from anywhere, with a live Internet connection. We can do this through our proxy server – EZprozy – which allows access while staying in the confines of our licensing and subscription agreements. Proxy servers are authentication tools, so that when you’re on campus using a license resource, the IP address of the machine identifies you as a valid member of the campus community, and grants you access. If you are off-campus and connected to the Web, then IP address validation will not work, and EZproxy is used. EZproxy allows access from any location with Internet access and valid Drexel credentials. The Libraries see an average of 12,000 EZproxy sessions per week.

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