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Customers Focus Libraries’ Service Improvement Efforts

“Access to online databases” is what the Libraries’ users say is in most need of improvement these days.   Users answering the Libraries’ customer satisfaction questionnaire, managed by Counting Opinions, rate both the importance of a number of services, and the level of their satisfaction with Drexel Libraries performance of them.  Managerial leaders compare these important ratings and this fall decided to focus on how to improve access to the online databases that the Libraries licenses for student and faculty use—this service has the largest service quality gap and thereby offers the biggest opportunity for improving customer perceptions of the Libraries service activities.

Though a seemingly simple service, access to online databases entails several activities, each with different potential to impact perceptions of service quality.   The Libraries’ improvement team has already mapped out the steps users follow from identifying the need for online databases to retrieving information they hope to discover from among their contents and search results.  The team next will identify the factor that, when improved, will offer the most return on our "investment" of improvement effort—it likely will be what saves you the most time.  Within weeks, the group will design and implement an improvement initiative that can be monitored and then reviewed for success in improving services.

Check back next month for a follow-up on our improvement project team's work.  To contribute your feedback as input to Libraries improvements, please fill out our customer satisfaction survey at

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