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Find a job with your Holiday Cheer

Feel like you're going to have a blue christmas if you don't find a job or co-op? There's no need to pout & I'll tell you why. No, Santa's not going to leave a job under the tree (it'd be kind of hard to fit anyway). You, yourself, can try to use your rosy cheeks and Holiday spirit to get out there and put yourself at the top of some HR wishlists.

Vault Career Insider recently posted to their blog about ways that job seekers can take advantage of the holidays to help them in their job search. They say that many job seekers take off for the holidays, assuming that most HR departments are too busy planning for their department's holiday parties than they are to look through job applications. That's where being proactive during this time can help separate yourself from the crowd. Here are a few suggestions:

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"- Unless you have a really good voice, I wouldn't actually suggest singing. But spreading holiday cheer in other ways, such as sending holiday cards to, and checking in with, people in your network, are great ways to not only warm people's hearts but also to keep you in the front of their minds for positions that they may be looking for.

"...And what have you done, Another year over, And a new one just begun"- Many companies usually spend the last several weeks of the year looking at their budgets and, at least for those who did not go over, figuring out how to spend the leftovers. The last thing they want to do is to come up short and potentially lose that funding for future years. They know they have to spend it on something, so why shouldn't that something be you?

"The party's on, The spirit's up, We're here tonight, And that's enough"- While you may not be feeling the holiday spirit in your ugly Christmas sweater, it may still be a great time to talk to other party-goers about their careers and your job search. Who knows, the holiday party your parents drag you to may also have potential connections in attendence. You won't know until you start talking with someone. Just make sure that if you are networking to lay off your crazy aunt's egg nog & tequila concoction.

To read the entire blog, you can read it here.

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