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Library Services when the University Closes

It's been a long, hard winter so far, and according to Punxatawney Phil, we still have at least a month to go. The University has been forced to close more often for bad weather this year than any of us can remember. With our short terms, we know that even though classes might have been cancelled, work still needs to go on. So how can the Drexel Libraries help you get your work done when the weather is bad?

  • Remember that a large part of our collections -- books, journals, reserve readings -- are online now, not in print. They're available to you through our website no matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access.
  • Need help? We've kept our chat reference service up and running through the worst of the storms. We're happy to steer you through those difficult searches and tricky citation questions.
  • And we're never completely closed -- the 24-hour spaces at Hahnemann and Queen Lane are open as long as the buildings are (Hahnemann is not likely to close, since the adjacent hospital will always be open). And thanks to the valiant efforts of staff who live within easy commuting distance, Hagerty Library has maintained at least partial hours even when the University has closed.

Hang in there -- the Philadelphia Flower Show starts in two weeks, so Spring can't be too far behind!



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