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The Cafe Door

Must we scan our IDs to enter Bookmark from within the library? It seems to serve no purpose, as we have already scanned IDs at the library entrance. Also, the alarm that goes off fairly frequently is incredibly annoying and disturbing.

Thanks for asking. It’s all about the 33rd Street door and Taco Bell.  When Taco Bell is open, the 33rd Street door of the cafe is unlocked and accessible to the public, which means that we must keep the door into the main part of W. W. Hagerty secure in order to protect the library and students.

'Tis the Season . . .

As we move towards the end of the term, and the holiday season, it's easy to be distracted and to leave personal belongings vulnerable to theft. Valuables left unattended in the library, even "just for a minute", can easily disappear. Even if you're just making a copy, or running to the restroom, take your belongings with you, or ask a trusted friend to watch them. Please do NOT risk the inconvenience and financial hardship that can ensue when a wallet, laptop, or phone is stolen.

Bookmark Café

Here’s a comment from a recent post on the Bookmark Café:

It's ridiculous. The place SMELLS terrible despite the cleaning schedule. We need an ID to swap both in AND out of the cafe, even when taco bell is closed (which doesn't make any sense). And coffee is the most practical addition to the 24-HOUR cafe. There’s a taco bell on 34th and walnut and at 30th street station! Why do we need one here? If anything, we need affordable coffee (like Dunkin Donuts). I mean, COME ON, it's a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR CAFE!

Kicking off the Weekend

Just as we were quietly winding down the week this past Friday, Hagerty Library suddenly found itself in the midst of a brouhaha. Shortly before 5pm, a large team of Philadelphia police entered Hagerty looking for a robbery suspect. Drexel security soon arrived and locked the building, asking staff and patrons to remain inside while the search continued.

Your Identity is Secure (Hagerty Library)

I noticed that when I swiped my wallet going through security, my driver’s license came up on the computer screen. Why is Drexel Security “looking” through my wallet? Do you read my credit card, debit card, and health insurance information? Drexel ID is the only thing you should “look” at.

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